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Ever wanted to taste the local tribe, Kadazan-dusun traditional dish in Sabah? Hesitate no more & head over to D'PlaceKinabalu. Here they offer very authentic Kadazan-dusun dish that'sdifficult to find anywhere else. They are located in the new Shell Plaza building at Asia City area. The food comes in multiple flavours - sour, spicy, sweet and salty. They also have local favourite cuisine likeIkanBasunggoreng, Linopot, Hinava, Bambangan, Tuhau, SayurKampung, Telurmasin, ikanbilis,belacanand more. But to those brave travellers, you can try the Butod(Sago Worms) doused in calamansi with chilli. The Butod are a good source of protein and is a delicacy among the aborigines in Sabah.

Kadazan-dusunis the term assigned to the unification of the classification of two indigenous peoples of Sabah.The ethnic groups Kadazan and Dusun. There is more than 40 sub-ethnic groups in Kadazan-dusun,which can be divided to three main groups. The Kadazan-dusun, Murut and Orang Sungai.Before the missionaries came, animism was the predominant religion. The Kadazan belief system centres around the spirit or entity called "Kinorohingan". It revolved around the belief that spirits ruled over the planting and harvesting of rice, a profession that had been practised for generations. Special rituals would be performed before and after each harvest by a tribal priestess known as a "Bobohizan".

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