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Jesselton Artisan Market


Sabah is full with biodiversity, cultures and heritages. From the old days Sabah people always creative with craftworks, from the traditional "Gong" to woven straw basket of Kota Belud. Arts and crafts were part of Sabah cultures. However with the rising technology in the world crafts and arts is swallowed in time. Hench the Jesselton Artisan Market, an opportunity for the local craftsmen and artist to show their talents and handworks, thus selling them to publics.This event also attracts young artist to display their modern's artistic arts and deco.

Held only once per month, the Jesselton Artisan Market is a curated showcase of local skilled artisans and their creations. It ranges from decorative arts, jewellery, furniture, clothing, food items to handmade creations. Come and be inspired by this kaleidoscope of Kota Kinabalu's unique and whimsical artisanal goods. Apart from buying the goods created by local artisans, visitors canalso participate in the various workshops, which is open for all ages.

(* Child must be below 12 years old)
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